Who am I ? What do I do ?

I am Amael Parreaux-Ey, a french EPFL Bachelor student in Environmental Engineering and Sciences.

Strongly committed to a more sustainable and resilient world, I dedicate a lot of my time to the Zero Emission Group association. I assume there the function of Executive Director Finance & External Relations.


At the end of my high-school studies, I developed knowledge and expertise in Web technologies. Now, combining it with my sustainability experience, I acquired and still improve Sustainable Digital experience. I am now working with the best experts on the subject throught evaluation, LCA and consulting missions for both public and private institutions.

I am also passionated by team management and leadership, with an emerging experience.
My financial responsabilities in Zero Emission Group allowed me to get skills in accountability, finance, and sustainable finance.

In a few words

A young leader aiming to create tomorrow's world.
An Entrepreneur : EPFL Changemakers & Sustainable Digital expert.
Committed for the environment
in all my activities :

  • Sustainable Digital services expertise
  • Life-Cycle Analysis
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Pro-Environment Lobbying

I aim to develop Third millennium business.





After a general-scientific high school education, I joined EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) in 2019. I am currently studying Environmental Engineering at Bachelor level. Passionated by learning, I am also Teaching Assistant (Physics & Informatics) and Mentor for first-year students.

Sustainable IT

Engaged in Zero Emission Group, a student-led initiative at EPFL, I started to work on Sustainable IT in spring 2020. Together with Matthieu Simeoni & Marlène Hiledebrandt, we conducted the Report for Environmental Impact of Digital Activities at EPFL.

Lamp Bulb

I am currently part of expert group, working in strong partnership with Frédéric Bordage, European reference expert in Sustainable IT. I was trained with my team (8 people) to Life-Cycle Assessment in early 2021 by Frédéric Bordage and Julie Orgelet (DDemain).

For 2021, my team and I are delivering LCA and consulting services related to Sustainable IT to Swiss administration, university and Geneva-based multinational company (+130 kCHF).

I am now leading an entreprenarial project in the field, awarded by Entrepreneurship Award - EPFL Changemakers 2021. My team and I are providing guidance and support to large organisations toward more sustanaible digital practices. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Digital Services

Starting in 2017 with TolMUN (Model United Nations in Toulouse, France) IT infrastructure management I acquire precious skills in digital services management. I am now proposing to entrepreneurs and independant workers in Toulouse area access to digital services. I provide Cloud-based file-sharing and ERP/CRM, DNS, mails and websites, under the brand (Digit' easy).


Logo Amael

One name, one brand

High-level expertise and innovation should be highlited by clear and understandable branding. That's were Amael branding comes. I propose under my own name a single image of excellence: swiss-made precision, high-quality analysis, and sustainable results, all under a single logo. A class.


Beside my numerous activities, I love sports, travel, knowledge-sharing and art. I do Judo since I am 4-years old, and I am now black-belt (1srt Dan). My master was Ludovic Michel. Since 5 years, I give private courses to younger students, and I am a qualified animator for summer camps (BAFA certificate). I travel once a year in Europe, using train and night trains : I fell in love with eastern and southern Europe ! Last but not least, I love fireworks, and I plan to train myself to firework shooting. Painter of the sky, let's put some star powder in our children's eyes...